Bri’s Lodge - Grief and Loss Center New Offerings

Warrior Grief Support

Join us on any Wednesday from 2 to 4 pm Starting September 14, 2022

This group is open to any veteran and/or their family members

Contact Information:

Kerri Schwegel
(320) 204-5660

General Loss Grief Connection

Join us on any Tuesday from 6 to 8 pm Starting September 20, 2022 – (No Group on October 25th)

This group is open to anyone with a loss of someone.

Contact Information:

Bri’s Lodge
(320) 217-2029

Donations are appreciated but not expected! Both VREC and Bri’s Lodge are 501(c)3 organizations.

Feel free to contact Bri’s Lodge with any grief related questions.


Walking with you on your grief journey.

Grief is the internal thoughts and feelings we have when someone we love dies. Mourning is the outward expression of our grief. We all grieve when someone we love dies. If we are to find comfort, we must also mourn.

What is Companioning?

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The companioning model of grief care was developed by Dr. Alan Wolfelt, founder of The Center for Loss and Life Transition, Fort Collins, Colorado. Companioning is not a medical treatment model of assessing, analyzing, fixing, or resolving but about providing a space for you to share your feelings in response to your profound loss. Companioning is anchored in respecting and exploring the uniqueness of your loss while allowing you to share your grief and how it impacts you.

Bri’s Lodge grief companions are certified by The Center for Loss and Life Transitions with a minimum of 150 hours of classes and training which are recognized by Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. Grief companions are trained to:

  • Journey with you in your grief journey.
  • Honor your spirit and your loved one’s spirit.
  • Be present to your pain.
  • Sit in sacred silence while listening with the heart.
  • Listen to your story.

Support Groups

Our support groups offer a safe place for people to share their journey after the loss of their loved one. Our groups are organized to support you no matter where you are in your journey. Learning about the grieving process is an important part of healing and learning from others can assist you in understanding your own journey.

Our group facilitator’s will provide you with a safe and nurturing experience. Every member is pre-screened to enter the most appropriate group for his/her needs. All groups will provide an experience where feelings, worries, problems, and joys can be expressed and received freely without judgement.

By being a part of a Bri’s Lodge support group, you will find that we will:

  1. Be present to your loss.
  2. Dispel misconceptions about grief.
  3. Embrace your unique grief.
  4. Explore your feelings of loss and grief.
  5. Acknowledge you are not crazy.
  6. Help you understand the needs of grief and mourning.
  7. Support finding ways to nurture yourself.
  8. Provide resources for help.
  9. Assist in integrating your new reality. 
  10. Honor your grief journey. 

Groups are forming, please contact us and let us know which group(s) you would be interested in be a part of.


With the mission of Bri’s Lodge being to help individuals cope with loss, support healing, nurture physical and emotional well-being and bring hope to the future so no one grieves alone.

Grief Retreats at Bri’s Lodge will include an extend weekend at our future facility. Imagine a place where individuals and families can come together to find peace and solace, a place where they can connect with others who are grieving a similar loss.

Research has shown that sensory impressions can create greater physical and emotional well-being. The programming for retreat weekends at Bris Lodge will include some of the following:

Sight – Beautiful scenery, memory displays

Smell – Bonfires, aromatherapy, fresh air.

Hearing – Storytelling, nature, music

Taste – Handmade meals, desserts, beverages

Touch – meditation, massage, healing crafts

The retreats at Bri’s Lodge will program for different types of loss such as:

  • Younger Child Loss
  • Older Child Loss
  • Perinatal Loss – Miscarriage and Stillbirth
  • Sibling Loss – Adult
  • Spousal Loss – For older and younger
  • Loss by Suicide
  • Others as needed

Until we have a temporary or permanent location for our retreats, we may consider holding day or weekend retreats. Continue to follow us as we continue to grow with the needs of our community.