Walking with you on your grief journey.
With the mission of Bri’s Lodge being to help individuals cope with loss, support healing, nurture physical and emotional well-being and bring hope to the future so no one grieves alone.

Grief Retreats at Bri’s Lodge will include an extend weekend at our future facility. Imagine a place where individuals and families can come together to find peace and solace, a place where they can connect with others who are grieving a similar loss.

Research has shown that sensory impressions can create greater physical and emotional well-being. The programming for retreat weekends at Bris Lodge will include some of the following:

  • Sight – Beautiful scenery, memory displays
  • Smell – Bonfires, aromatherapy, fresh air
  • Hearing – Storytelling, nature, music
  • Taste – Handmade meals, desserts, beverages
  • Touch – meditation, massage, healing crafts

The retreats at Bri’s Lodge will program for different types of loss such as:

  • Younger Child Loss
  • Older Child Loss
  • Perinatal Loss – Miscarriage and Stillbirth
  • Sibling Loss – Adult
  • Spousal Loss – For older and younger
  • Loss by Suicide
  • Others as needed

Until we have a temporary or permanent location for our retreats, we may consider holding day or weekend retreats. Continue to follow us as we continue to grow with the needs of our community.


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