Bri’s Lodge helps individuals cope with loss, supports their healing, nurtures their physical and emotional well-being, and brings hope for the future. No one should grieve alone.

Bri’s Story

BriAnna Kruzel passed away unexpectedly at 18 on September 28, 2013, from unknown causes. She left behind her parents, Randy and Tami Kruzel, along with two brothers, Josh Kulus and Brandon Kruzel. Throughout BriAnna’s life, she was very active and passionate about Girl Scouts. Her greatest love was working with Big Brothers Big Sisters. In 2013 she was nominated and won High School Big Sister of the Year, something she was very proud of. BriAnna also received the Youth Appreciation Award through the St. Cloud Optimist Club for her hard work with Big Brothers Big Sisters. BriAnna gave much of her time volunteering and was very involved with the Sartell Community Ed Dance program. She enjoyed scrapbooking, crafting, and being around animals in her free time. She was a very happy person with an infectious smile that would light up a room. To honor her legacy of giving back, her family decided to continue giving back to the community that she loved.

Her family and friends established a non-profit called What Would Bri Do, with the mission statement, “WWBD is dedicated to supporting people and organizations in need while being a force for positivity in the world.” Before planning to build Bri’s Lodge, What Would Bri Do has supported many of the causes that BriAnna believed in and distributed approximately $50,000 to those in need. Some of the organizations WWBD has helped include; the Sartell-St. Stephen Community Education dance program, a local Girl Scout Troop, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota, and Terebinth Refuge, a transitional home for victims of sex trafficking.

What Would Bri Do is building a space for our community to grieve

Randy and Tami visited Faith Lodge in Wisconsin in 2018 and were inspired by their dedication to helping their local community. That’s why What Would Bri Do is raising money to build their own space for those in need. The grief lodge in Central Minnesota will aim to provide support for:

  • loss of a child at any age
  • miscarriage or stillborn
  • spousal loss
  • suicide loss
  • loss of a parent
  • loss of a sibling

What Would Bri Do is committed to building a space for members of our local community to find solace and comfort with others who are grieving. Get in touch with What Would Bri Do today to find out how you can help further our cause.

Our Team


Randy Kruzel


Vice President

Tonia Maciej



Virginia Tagney



Jessica Tunnell


Office Assistant

Kalli Tran


Board of Directors

Nina Kutz


Board of Directors

Bruce Powlish


Board of Directors

Karla Virnig


Executive Director

Tami Kruzel


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